Thursday, December 15, 2011

Graham Glover in America

Interesting statistics from - apparently there are 7 people named "Graham Glover" in the United States:
  • 2 people named Graham Glover live in Georgia
  • 2 people named Graham Glover live in Florida
  • 1 person named Graham Glover live in Alabama
  • 1 person named Graham Glover live in Texas 
  • 1 person named Graham Glover live in Virginia
What does the name Graham mean?

Graham - (male) Transferred use of a Scottish surname, in origin a local name from Grantham in Lincolnshire. This is recorded in Domesday Book not only in its current form but also as Grandham, Granham, and Graham; it was apparently named as the ‘gravelly place’, from Old English grand ‘gravel’ + hām ‘homestead’. The surname was taken to Scotland in the 12th century by Sir William de Graham, founder of a famous clan. The earls of Montrose were among his descendants.

What does the name Glover mean?

Glover - English: occupational name for a maker or seller of gloves, Middle English glovere, an agent noun from Old English glōf ‘glove’.

How many Graham Glovers are in Australia? Life Insurance Australia.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Graham Glover's Jump

If you were Graham Glover would you jump from Auckland Harbour Bridge?

This Graham Glover jumped... OK, actually he bungy jump, but who cares :) Nobody will force me to go to the Auckland Harbour Bridge and jump even if I will be fasten to a bungy. Check Grahams face before the jump - hrrr... he should wear an ugg boots.